Cast Iron Poetry #20 : When Fold and Twine

When Fold and Twine: Cast Iron Poetry #20 “Three women come together to form one mind in an experimental communion of image. What begins as a reciprocation of the individuals’ unconscious-led poetry, transmutes into a synthesis of mythopoeic automatism. Following only the guidance of intuitive imagination, this experiment, this expression of dream, dissolves the boundariesContinue reading “Cast Iron Poetry #20 : When Fold and Twine”

Brownstone Poets 2022 Anthology featuring ‘Expounded’ by A.i. Firefly

Since 2005, Brownstone Poets has been inspiring poetry in Brooklyn. We strive to be a unique and diverse community, welcoming various literary styles and forms. Our reading series is expanding via Zoom, reaching out to new voices across the U.S. and the world. We would like to thank this year’s 59 reader-contributors, as well asContinue reading “Brownstone Poets 2022 Anthology featuring ‘Expounded’ by A.i. Firefly”

Train River Poetry : Spring 2021 Anthology

I am so excited to have my poem, ‘sewn with severed quill’ featured on page 47 of this diverse and sizeable anthology! From the Train River Poetry : Spring 2021 Anthology listing on “Train River Poetry is an international bestselling quarterly poetry publication featuring new work by world class contemporary poets. Train River Poetry: SpringContinue reading “Train River Poetry : Spring 2021 Anthology”