Train River Poetry : Spring 2021 Anthology

I am so excited to have my poem, ‘sewn with severed quill’ featured on page 47 of this diverse and sizeable anthology!

From the Train River Poetry : Spring 2021 Anthology listing on

Train River Poetry is an international bestselling quarterly poetry publication featuring new work by world class contemporary poets.

Train River Poetry: Spring 2021 features poetry contributions from the talented:
A. J. Butler, A. L. Ashcott, A.i. Firefly, A.S. Lindén, Aisha Jones, Alex Henderson, Alexandra Herrera, Amanda Holcomb, Andrew M. Baldwin, Atlas W. Keeting, Ayesha Owais, Azalea Dolan, Barbara Soehner, Benidamika J Latam, Brandon White, Brandy Lane, Cait Thomson, Camden Michael Jones, Celeste Tsang, Cyrus Ryan, D. Ashley, DAH, Dimple Hazes, Diogenes De La Camus, Elaine T. Stockdale, Elizabeth Lerman, Emma L B, Emmy White, Ericka Mae Valenciano, Erin Weaver, Garrett Ammesmaki, Harriet Stanford, Harris Tobias, Hemali Mashru, Howard Young, Hugo V, Isabelle Chow, Jacqueline Olivia, Jadine Havill, James Goggin, James Kinsella, James Strazza, Jarrius Smith “XaKu”, Jasmine Marmolejom, Jemma Chawla, Jennifer McKay, Jessica Huddy, John Rock, Jordan Redfern, Joseph PatCul, Jymirah Morris, KaraK SouL, Karan Chambers, Kate Kwan, Kathleen Savage, Kim Backalenick Escobar, Kim Völker, Kimberley Chung, Kishan Gusani, Lea Abboud, Leah Fricke, Lily Rosemary, Lisa Simpson, Liz Mercedes, Lourin Khalaf, Mallory Abreu, Maria Burlando, Masoom Hanamshet, Meagan Elizabeth Amador, Michelle Gerrard, Michelle Wannan, Mike White, Nalie Jariño, Nicholas Cairns, Nicole Olmos P., Noelle Nams, Nuraina, Ola Flannery, Olivia Lynn Schnur, Omodara Olatunji, Paul Idiaghe, payton olivia w, Ren Wilson, Ripley Crow, river g., RLT, runawaywriters, Ruth Isabella Peters, Ryan Willard, Sadgi Chandra, Saint Hugo, Sam Drury, Sarthak Parajulee, Sean F. Murphy, Seema Tabassum, Serena Morrigan, Sheba Ghosh, Shristi Das, Simon E. Northcott, Sion Lidster, Skyler Saunders, Susan Parsons Rothman, Tara Danielle Obregon, Teodor Nihtianov, the medøchï, Tom Beck, Tom Edward Salter, Uniliar, Vaishaali Saxena, Veronika Lukashevich, Victoria Trouten, VividDreams&WhippedCream, Vrinda V. K., Zara Al-Noah, and Zuzanna Szostak.

Train River Publishing is one of the leading poetry publications that does not require submission or reading fees of any kind. Our incredible contemporary poetry anthologies feature poets from around the globe. We currently engage with over 80,000 readers a week, sharing the art, insights, poetry, and words of our poets and authors.

Published by a.i.firefly

A.i. Firefly was born at the tail end of the 1970s in the suburbs of NYC. She is the author of Cast Iron Poetry #2 : A Moon Magnetized This Screeching Bird, a poetry collectiA.i. Firefly was born at the tail end of the 1970s in the suburbs of NYC. She is the author of Cast Iron Poetry #2 : A Moon Magnetized This Screeching Bird, a poetry collection published by Time Is An Ocean Publications. Her previous work on the web & in print appears in publications by Having A Whiskey Coke With You, NYSAI Press, Blood Moon Poetry, E·ratio, Train River Publishing, Great Weather For Media, The Calliope Script, Scissortail Press and Brownstone Poets. You can read more of her work and engage with the author on Instagram @a.i.firefly and on the web at

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